Coberturas telescópicas altas piscina

Slatted Swimming Pool Cover, the perfect solution to unite functionality, protection and style in a single product. If you are looking for maximum comfort and versatility for your pool, roller shutter covers are the ideal choice.

We offer high quality solutions, and Slatted Swimming Pool Cover are no exception. They are designed to satisfy the needs of our most demanding customers, combining sophisticated aesthetics with exceptional performance.

With louver covers, you have complete control over how much sunlight and ventilation you want for your pool. Adjustable slats allow you to adjust the aperture according to weather conditions and personal preferences, providing a personalized and comfortable experience.

One of the great advantages of blind covers is their versatility. They easily adapt to different types and sizes of pools, whether rectangular, oval or irregular. In addition, we offer a wide variety of color and finish options, allowing you to choose the cover that best blends with your surroundings.

The installation of roller shutter covers is carried out by a team of experienced professionals, ensuring a smooth and efficient process. We are committed to providing a personalized service, from conception to project completion, to ensure that all your expectations are met.

Over-High Coverages


Coberturas para Piscinas

Manual Cover

The ATLANTIC system is operated by means of a crank. It is a simple and effective cover that allows you to protect your pool with a minimum investment and without losing the possibility of evolving to other models. This is the most economical way to keep your pool protected.


Coberturas para Piscinas

Electric Cover

Thanks to the motorization, you can effortlessly protect your pool, save energy and keep the water crystal clear every day. This cover was specially designed for great comfort of use.


Coberturas para Piscinas

Electric Cover with box

Your pool deserves the best. That's why we created the 'HAWAÏ' model with a guard for greater longevity of the roof slats. Elegant and practical, this system not only protects your pool but also the integrity of your equipment.


Coberturas para Piscinas

Solar Cover

No more cable routing and electrical connections. With no need for civil construction work and powered by free solar energy, the ‘CARAïBES’ system (a friend of nature) protects your pool and ensures your well-being.


Coberturas para Piscinas

Electromechanical system with engine on the axis and suspended by supports fixed to the pool wall by under the slab. Of great versatility, This system can be installed in almost all types of pool. Easy to install, it's the system ideal for steel, fiber,etc.

• Motor on shaft / tube winding;
• Supports fixed to the wall, underneath the slab.

Submerged Covers


Coberturas para Piscinas

Electromechanical system with the engine placed sideways. System for use in swimming pools that have a hole for the roof and another for the engine. In great durability, easy to use and low maintenance, this system, completely hidden, protects your pool without interfering in the environment that surrounds it..

• Engine in separate dry pit;
• Supports fixed to the wall.


Coberturas para Piscinas

Electromechanical system with the motor on shaft. This cover model allows the installation can be performed at different depths not taking up useful space pool. It is the simplest model and economical for concrete pools. The IBIZA model is highly durable and low maintenance, associated with ease of use and comfort protect the pool without causing any inconvenience, whether of an aesthetic nature, whether functional.

• Motor on winding shaft;
• Supports fixed to the wall.


Translucent Polycarbonate Blades

Coberturas para Piscinas

The polycarbonate blades take advantage of solar energy to heat the pool water, maintaining its thermal insulation capacity. The palette of colors and models available allows great aesthetic versatility, associated with high impact resistance and above average buoyancy (10.5 Kg/m2 – blade 75).

• 3 translucent colors
• 2 blade dimensions - 55 mm and 75 mm.
• high buoyancy - about 10.5kg/m2 (75mm blade)

Solar polycarbonate (co-extruded) Blades

Coberturas para Piscinas

The solar version of the blades allows for even greater energy capture.

• 4 solar colors allowing even more aesthetic options
• 2 dimensions of blades - 55 mm and 75 mm
• high buoyancy - about 10.5kg/m2 (75mm blade)

PVC Blades

Coberturas para Piscinas

The PVC blades have a high thermal insulation capacity, reducing the cooling of the pool water, reducing the appearance of microorganisms, chemical consumption and water evaporation. have also high buoyancy (10.5 Kg/m2 – 75mm blade).

• 4 opaque colors - white, beige, gray and blue
• 2 dimensions of blades - 55 mm and 75 mm
• Reduces maintenance costs

Slatted Swimming Pool Cover

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