Coberturas telescópicas altas piscina

Our High Telescopic Pool Enclosures are designed with state-of-the-art engineering and high-quality materials to provide a long-lasting and efficient solution. With a resistant and safe structure, our covers protect your pool against bad weather, such as rain, wind and leaves, keeping the water clean and ready for use at any time.

We understand the importance of providing protection and comfort for your leisure time, regardless of weather conditions.

In addition to protection, our High Telescopic Pool Enclosures provide a pleasant and comfortable environment to enjoy your pool in any season. With the height raised, you will have enough space to move freely around the pool, allowing for activities such as parties, events and even water exercises.
The cover also provides shelter from the intense sun rays, making your fun times safer and more protected.




As our latest model launched on the market and the best seller worldwide, this telescopic cover is available in many standard versions, although it is often custom-made, adapting to the dimensions of each location.

This model gives you all the advantages of high roofs with 3 angles (2.00m high in the first Module, with widths starting at 3.80m up to 10.00m) adapting the type of main profile P10, P15, and P200 to the width intended or necessary.

The façade can be tilting or accordion type, with a door for entering and/or ventilating the roof in both types of façade. Always having security locks for children not to be able to enter without the accompaniment of an adult.

As in all models, it is possible to place side doors on this model.

This new design creates an internal volume of great habitability that allows effective use throughout the year.

Ideal for pools with little space around.


Slanted sides are present in this 5 angle pool cover.

Starting at 2.00m in height in the first element with widths ranging from 3.80m to 13.00m) adapting the type of main profile P10, P15, and P200 to the desired or necessary width.

The façade can be hinged or accordion, equipped with a collapsible door closed by a security lock as in the background.

It is also possible to put side doors.

As in all our models, the elements are mounted on wheels and retract into each other. Therefore, the operation is very simple.

It can always also be motorized.

The ideal pool cover!


The technical performances and the reliability of the COBERABRI manufacturing demand allow us to increase the dimensions of the angular cover and respond, at a competitive price, to the needs of covering pools with dimensions that are considered to be large.

Large structures, telescopic with 5 and 7 angles, motorized or not, widths starting at 7.80m up to 20.00m)

Supplied only with fixed fronts and back, with doors and security key.


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